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What is Web Design? Web Design in Melaka is defined as the planning, creating and constant maintaining and upgrading of presentations in the form of websites, this includes the layout of the website, browsing and navigational trends, colours, fonts and images used on such a website, therefore Web Design in Melaka is a combination of [...]

What is Website Hosting? Website Hosting Melaka is defined as a type of hosting on the internet which allows businesses,individuals and various other organizations, to make their website visible and accessible on the World Wide Web or commonly known as the internet. Companies which offer Website Hosting Melaka services are called web hosts and they [...]

Choosing the Right Domain Name: Tip Guide   Choosing the right domain name determines whether or not your business is easy to remember or you have an easy to remember website. If someone can’t remember the URL, then you have failed in your first steps of running a website.   Domain Name Tips You want something that [...]