Types Of Hosting And Website Hosting in Melaka

What is Website Hosting?

Website Hosting Melaka is defined as a type of hosting on the internet which allows businesses,individuals and various other organizations, to make their website visible and accessible on the World Wide Web or commonly known as the internet. Companies which offer Website Hosting Melaka services are called web hosts and they give space on their servers to businesses, individuals and other organizations to list their websites and make the view-able and visible on the internet.

Different Kinds Of Website Hosting

Each person or business requiring hosting services will need to assess their requirements and decide on which hosting services are best suited to their requirements. Web hosting can become very confusing to many who are not in the industry and as there are various hosting platforms to choose from and any reputable web hosting company will be able to advise you on which are the best suited options for you and your business and its requirements. There are various types of hosting, some of these, but not limited to these, are:

  •  Free web hosting which is offered by various companies, in some cases supported by adverts and are very limited when compared to paid web services.
  • Shared web hosting is where many sites are placed on the same server and share the same resources. This is also a very basic service.
  •  Cloud hosting offers clients a reliable web hosting service and there are other servers which can stand in should a single computer experience down time, services are also not centralised.
  • Dedicated web hosting is where each client has their own web server and is given full administrative access to this server. The client is responsible for all hosting aspects and is a completely self-managed option.

Web Hosting Reliability

It is important for companies to have reliable web hosts with minimum down time as if a web host’s servers are down due to technical reasons or for whatever reason. It means that the business who have their websites listed on their servers, also experience down times, making their websites also experience down times, ultimately affecting the traffic to these websites. It lowers ratings and most importantly these businesses lose revenue and customers as a result of down times by web hosting companies are badly affected. It is important for websites to be available at all times, as and when prospective customers need to enter a website, often and extended down times could have severe financial implications on a business. Reliability is a key factor when considering a Website Hosting Melaka.