Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the Right Domain Name: Tip Guide


Choosing the right domain name determines whether or not your business is easy to remember or you have an easy to remember website. If someone can’t remember the URL, then you have failed in your first steps of running a website.


Domain Name Tips

You want something that is easy to remember and catchy. This will allow people to remember your website faster and they will visit more. There are key things to keep in mind when choosing your domain:


  • Make it unique – you don’t want a domain that sounds like another popular domain.
  • Do not make it long – keeping short domain names will help make it easy to remember.
  • Copyright Infringement – Do not use something that is already copyrighted. You don’t want to have to change your domain name while building traffic.
  • Do not use numbers or characters – This will make it even harder to remember and will make the name not as flowy.
  • Use catchy keywords – Brainstorm and list ideas for keywords that represent your company best. Then work it out from there.


“Refurbished” Words and Copyright Infringement


There are websites that have a cool and aesthetically pleasing variation of a word. This includes websites like Imgur, Tumblr, Flickr and more. This allows their website to stand out while being short and memorable at the same time. If the word you want to use is not available as a full word, try using a variation that doesn’t compete with them but doesn’t stray too much from the original word.


This is one of the most crucial steps before proceeding with a domain name. You want to consider this step before purchasing your domain as you do not want to be in any legal trouble. If you’ve thought of a domain name, you can search for it on to make sure you have not purchased a name unlawfully.


What’s the Difference Between Country Domain and Worldwide Domain?


The difference between a country domain and a worldwide domain is the extension. eBay has, but it also has for the United Kingdom. This allows it to provide product prices dedicated to British pounds and used their variation of the English language. When a website has the country as a domain extension, it caters to their customs.


What is WHOIS and its Downside?


WHOIS identifies the information of the domain owner in case someone needs to get in contact with them. When buying a domain, installing WHOIS is an option to add on. This can work for and against website owners. WHOIS is often used when there are legal battles associated with a domain. However, the accuracy of WHOIS is a bit off as WHOIS only uses the information originally used at registration. If the person switches over the domain name to a different admin/person, then this changes.


However, it does not update on WHOIS unless they specifically ask to change it on this website. If you search a website, you may be getting a previous owner and not the current one.


Hiding/Protecting Domain from WHOIS and Knowing if a Domain is Taken

While there is no way to hide a domain name since you can search and it will inform you of the status of the domain, you can use a service called Domains By Proxy. This will allow you to manage the information you have visible. There are website tools that allow you to check the availability of the domain you want. You can enter any domain name you want, and it will tell you almost instantly if it’s available for purchase or not.

Websites you can check domain availability:

    • (Yes, they also provide domain availability checks!)

Using PAKO as Your Domain Registrar


When purchasing a domain, you want to make sure you are going to hire a reputable company. This is so that if a certain registrar goes under, you do not risk losing your domain. PAKO is a fast growing company that is extremely reputable with a priority in keeping your domains safe.


Domain Name Generators

If you’re having a hard time choosing a catchy and fitting domain name, there is a list of websites that can help you by taking your keywords and doing a random scramble of the words, giving you all of the possible combinations. This includes sites like:




These websites allow you to choose which prefixes and letters to exclude and include. These websites are also often free, so there is no commitment if you do not find something you like or is a great fit.


Domain Name Words


If you have an idea of the word you want as the starting word of your domain, you can also use to help you choose a domain to your specific needs and wants. This is also a free feature. When you’ve chosen a domain you like, you would want to search it on the domain availability website and see if it’s available. Searching if it’s copyrighted is also a must. Not being able to tell you if the domain is available is the only downside to these generator websites.


Why is PAKO recommended in Buying Multiple Domains?


It is essential that you use PAKO to buy multiple domains if you’re going to be running multiple websites. Offering the highest quality services, features, as well as SSL certificates from trusted providers, PAKO has everything you need to start up a successful website.


PAKO Guarantees Satisfaction


PAKO offers domain purchasing as well as SSL certificate purchasing through trusted providers as your website needs are important to us. PAKO is your one stop shop for anything domain related. With some of the best and lowest prices for high quality services, PAKO is vastly growing and a front runner within the field. It’s extremely important that you take these tips into account when choosing a domain name. Between legal troubles and a memorable website, this guide should be able to direct you on a path towards a successful business website.


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